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When transmission fluid breaks down due to time and heat; deposits begin to form. Sludge and varnish destroy the transmission from the inside; resulting in sluggish operation and eventually premature failure.

Using special equipment, the entire system is cleaned and old worn out fluid is replaced with fresh high performance fluid. The transmission will shift smoothly and effortlessly for many trouble-free miles.

Many transmission problems are not due to a bad transmission, there are many other causes that are mistaken for a bad transmission. A transmission is a very, very expensive part of your car. It often can cost as much as $5,000, and even more!

Come to Murrieta Smog Star Auto Repair BEFORE you go anywhere else, here’s why…

Some companies in the Murrieta area are not experts when it comes to transmissions. We are. How does this impact you? Well, there is a long list of NON-MAJOR TRANSMISSION PROBLEMS that seem like a bad transmission. This means some companies may wrongly diagnose the problems you are experiencing as a transmission. This could cost you $1,000’s needlessly.

For example, here are some items that could be giving you transmission problems that don’t mean a new transmission: Low fluid, or a fluid leak; loose vacuum lines; loose or out of adjustment linkages or cables; a bad solenoid; vehicle computer problem; defective sensors; or bad fluids.

Most of these problems can seem like a bad transmission. But they are relative inexpensive to repair.

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